During the Covid-19 virus restrictions real estate sales have been declared an essential service.  Consequently, the residential real estate market is still active although many of the Covid-19 precautions have altered traditional marketing techniques.  If you would like to buy or sell at this time please contact Judy for details.


When listing a home for sale Sellers should be confident that their home is receiving the widest exposure available.  Exposure to a large market of qualified Buyers will likely lead to selling a home sooner and at a higher price.  Successful marketing of a home is much more than putting a sign on the lawn and entering an MLS listing.
Judy actively markets the homes she lists for sale.  Judy has been selling home for over 34 years and she has experience with what works.  Spend a few minutes to look at some of the features Judy provides to those selling their home.  Then call Judy to discuss her comprehensive marketing plan to be customized for you.  You will find many value-added features that will help sell your home quickly.



The full cost of renovations or improvements is seldom if ever recaptured in a sale.

Before listing their home, many individuals wonder if renovations will result in a higher selling price and a net increase in proceeds from the sale.  The Appraisal Institute of BC prepared their survey results relating to the highest payback on renovation projects.  Naturally, circumstances vary but the information provides a reference to help you with your decision.